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University IT Managers / Governance / IT Governance Council

IT Governance Council

The IT Governance Council (ITGC) is responsible for approving University-wide IT proposals and initiatives, such as the Campus Solutions project, Student Tech Fee proposal, and Network Revitalization project. The ITGC is chaired by the University Provost, the University Chief Information Officer (CIO), several senior faculty (academic and administrative) and executive staff members appointed by the Provost, and the Chair of the University Information Technology Managers (UITM) subcommittee.

In 2008, the University engaged WTC, an external consulting company, to conduct a nine-month assessment of the University’s information technology (IT) organization, including organizational structure, service delivery framework, security practices and policies, and information management practices and policies.  A major finding by WTC was that the University lacked an appropriate institutional framework to (1) develop and approve IT strategy, (2) set and approve IT priorities, (3) identify alternatives, (4) analyze benefits, risks, and costs, (5) set direction, and (6) conduct an ongoing assessment of strategies. To satisfy these vital enterprise needs, the ITGC was formed by the Provost in late 2008 and was first convened in early 2009.

The ITGC meets on the second Tuesday of every “even” month (e.g. February, April,etc.). The agendas are developed by the CIO and approved by the Provost. Meetings are typically led by the CIO, with the Provost presiding over key decisions and official votes. In addition to providing discussion input and participating in decision-making, members help define follow-up tasks based on the discussions.

The ITGC maintains an organization site in Blackboard. This site includes a robust library that contains all materials from past meetings, including minutes, agendas, and handouts. Membership in this organization is open to all University IT professionals upon request. Anyone desiring this access should contact Tom Morgan, the administrative coordinator for the ITGC, at    


Dr. Garnett Stokes Provost & Council Chairperson
John Barnhill AVP, Enrollment Management
Michael Barrett AVP, Information TechnologyServices & CIO
Dr. Rick Burnette Director, Budget & Analysis
John Carnaghi Sr. VP, Finance & Administration
Dr. Carole Anne Clayson Associate Professor, Department of Meteorology
Jeanette DeDiemar  AVP, University Relations
Dr. Larry Dennis Dean, College of Communication & Information
Dr. Kirby Kemper VP, Research
Liz Maryanski  VP, University Relations
Michael Zawrotny Technology Specialist, College of Communication & Information
Dianna Norwood Business Analyst, Finance & Administration
Dr. David Paradice Professor, College of Business & Management Information System
Julia Zimmerman Dean, University Libraries